We don't review products until a tech savvy consumer can get their hands on them. This means no beta versions or prototypes that are not available to the general public through some channel. Once we get a product we judge it based on how well it lives up to its potential.

Ex. If you have created the most awesome paper clip in the world we judge it first on its ability to clip paper awesomely then we see if it does any amazing innovative things in relation to its basic function. 


A score of...

...1 : Products that simply don't work. You get a point for being able to get it made and into one of our employees hands but beyond that the product doesn't really even do what it is supposed to.

...2 : Performs its basic function but doesn't do it well. Often times this means connectivity issues, or onerous steps to get the product to work as promised. 

...3 : Good job. Your product does exactly what it should and doesn't give us any problems while doing it. But the promised innovation or added value really isn't there. 

...4 : Great job. Your product is awesome and we adopt it into our daily lives or work environment. All of the promised features work well and we are stoked on our purchase. We might even put in a glowing amazon review. 

...5 : Ok, we get it, you're an alien trying to take over the planet and you created this mind-blowingly awesome product as part of some evil master plan. Forgive us if we fangirl a bit.