WEEK OF Small, Quiet Things

This week,

We spent a good deal of time defending the smallness of our ideas, our work, and our company at this point. This is becoming a bigger part of our identity and our future place in the industry. In a world so consumed with what is big and loud, we are increasingly small and pragmatic. 

Talos still plans to help people change the world. We just see so much more bang for your buck in tackling the little things that have a big effect. In eliminating that single cigarette from your day, in carving out that 30 minutes in the morning to lay an exercise mat on the floor, there is power in little things that add up to longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Let’s face facts: this blog is one of those little things for us, and it certainly doesn’t get the web traffic of, say, the Verge. I’m always shocked, though, by how high our meager readership is. I feel very protective of our small gaggle of readers, and I want to give you all important, meaningful content that truly adds value to your lives. 

In reality, this means very little for our company’s bottom line. We could post a couple of paragraphs every couple months; we could have no blog at all. But it’s the right choice for Talos to have a blog, a damn good blog, even if it’s just us from now until forever, even if we never gain one new follower again.

Though our blog (and our entire company) is small, we’re happy with the richness of expression and the relationships we’re building. We’re happy with the rampant speculation, the call for inclusivity, the philosophical tangents that populate our product reviews. 

These things are our becoming.

It’s hard for some to understand the value in the pursuit of smallness. To convince someone that simplicity can be achieved simply, that doing less sometimes means accomplishing more… we’ve been taken to task this week. But the opportunity to defend what you so deeply believe in—there’s nothing better.

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Nicole’s new gadget this week: a collapsable water bottle that she now swears by (and gets tons of compliments on.)