"How to Build the Future" with Jessica Livingston

Full disclosure: I admire Y Combinator and Jessica Livingston a whole lot. So it should not be surprising that this interview gets placed into the “Required Reading” category along with Sam Altman’s startup playbook.

The often asked question of what makes a great founder arises here, as it should considering that Livingston herself has seen more than 1,000 companies go through Y Combinator. But, the most valuable insight you should get from this interview is what builds great companies. 

In the end, it isn’t founders or investors that get products to customers; it is companies where they come together which actually produce the value that keeps the world economy chugging along and the entire startup ecosystem alive. 

Y Combinator brings a stellar network of individuals and knowledge to bear for every single team that passes through its doors, but in the end the folks at Y Combinator know that the best products arise when founders choose to take advice and when they are allowed to find the best path for their idea.

Take a listen, or a read. And to the founders out there, I ask you to remember how genuinely interested in just helping their founders Y Combinator is and how successful that has been. You need to be product focused, but when it comes time to find investors, being company focused becomes part of your products’ ultimate fate.