WEEK OF Rampant Speculation

This week,

We had all hands on deck with Brandon, Emma, and Nicole working from the New York office. We used this opportunity for lively debates on public transportation, the benefits and detriments of city living, how to build sustainable cities, the feasibility of composting, the glory of Canada, and starting our own cult where we do everything the right way. (And Emma revealed her secret past life as a thirteen-year-old entrepreneur.)

As important as it is to have big picture discussions, to think critically about what we want from the future and what we expect of our peers, it is perhaps wise to also take things a step at time. Taking work day by day is not only advisable, but the only option we have. After all, a paragraph is written sentence by sentence, each sentence word by word. So while our projects span weeks and our goals sometimes feel like shoes a size too large, we're getting there. Talos, like every organization, is a living organism: it grows.

We finished some consulting work, too, and sent our investment documents to the Talos board of directors for review. We can't wait for the OK on our plan to build a new world order and terraform Venus while settling Mars, I mean, begin working with our partners to bring you a few really cool pieces of technology and software.

Behind on our blog? Never fear! Catch up on the latest Talos Insight: Brandon recommends a book, and Nicole reviews Coffiest, the latest Soylent bottled meal.

Currently reading: #scary speculation on the AI Revolution, in two parts.

Currently watching: Stranger Things (I know, we were a bit late to the game on this one. But it’s seriously delightful.)

Currently listening to: Our resident geologist may be into hard rocks, but at Talos we’re all about the soft rock.

Nicole’s new gadget this week: a headlamp, which she intends to use to navigate her Brooklyn apartment.