WEEK OF the Taste Test

This week

...got off to a rough start for me (Nicole). I take the ferry to work every morning, and, on my walk from Pier 11 to the Talos offices on Broad Street, I pass two coffee carts. Normally, I'm impatient for my first caffeine dose of the day, and I stop at coffee cart #1. Coffee cart #2, though, has always caught my eye. It has cute signage, a vintage aesthetic, and a little striped awning. On Monday, I decided to stop at coffee cart #2... where they charged me SIX DOLLARS for a sugar-free vanilla coffee.

Starbucks would have charged me less! Why buy coffee on the street if it costs SIX DOLLARS?! I was irritated for the rest of the walk to the office. What compelled me to compromise my allegiance to coffee cart #1? What had I been thinking?

And then, of course, as soon as I got off the elevator, I promptly spilled the entire six-dollar coffee all over the 18th floor elevator lobby.

But it was my lucky day: Brandon had bought a case of Coffiest, and it had arrived over the weekend. He required the whole Talos team to drink a few bottles and contribute to a product review, which you'll see on this blog next week. I ended up with coffee, sugar, and algal oil. What more could a girl need?

We also finished up our three-year financial projections, drafted some much needed HR documents for new hires, and bid out development for our first application, RDV. (But mostly we drank Coffiest.)

Catch up on this week's blog posts: it's Nicole's two-month anniversary with Talos, and Emma weighs the benefits of IQ and EQ.

Currently reading: "20 Big Questions about the Future of Humanity (answered by leading scientists)," Scientific American.

Currently watching: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, a new documentary about technology and the internet.

Currently listening to: Call Your Girlfriend, Ep. 58: "Summer Bookstravagnza" for the best beach reading recommendations.

Brandon's new purchase this week: Coffiest, the latest addition to Soylent's product line.