Two Months In: My Job at Talos

As Talos’s newest employee and editor of our blog, Talos Insight, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: I’m a geologist and writer by education, and a communications specialist by trade. I come to Talos from two years spent in the nonprofit sector at a large global agency. I began freelance work for Talos in May, and, since mid-June, I’ve worked with Talos part-time. I also tutor ESL (and some non-ESL) middle schoolers and high schoolers.

It's now mid-August, and I thought I should take a moment to reflect (publicly) about what it means to join a startup, and what it's meant, for me, to join this startup.

My goals at Talos are varied: growing the blog, establishing a social voice, protecting the Talos brand, and providing editorial expertise as we finalize our investment documents.

But I also have some loftier goals for my work, and for our collective work as a company. I want to make a more sustainable future. I want to create a diverse workforce in the technology industry. I want to support useful, needed technologies that will serve people worldwide—not just those in the upper echelons of the top 1 percent. This is why I was so enthusiastic to join Talos. I’m happy to be part of a team that sees the value in taking a risk, of thinking globally and acting locally, of putting sustainability and ethical work practices first and letting the rest fall into place second.

Of course, this is a vision of the future for Talos. But I’m convinced that we’re not too far away from meeting some of these tall orders. Do I take risks daily? Do I, in day-to-day work, diversify the workforce in technology? I do. Every day that I’m a woman working in technology, there’s something to feel accomplished about. Each day that I show up to a startup that needs Series A investment to stay afloat past the end of the year, I take a risk. I take pride in my work here, as do Brandon and Emma. And I’m excited to see what we’ll accomplish together.

My time at Talos, so far, has been varied—I’m sure this sounds familiar to anyone who has worked at a three-person company. I get to wear many hats, some of which I find more comfortable or better suited to my bone structure than others. But, hey, who doesn’t like shopping for new hats! It’s way more fun than being stuck with the same hat every day, forever.

I remind myself often to reflect on why I like Talos for Talos, rather than why I like Talos for everything it’s not (i.e., why past employers ultimately didn’t suit me.) Moving from a large bureaucratic organization to our three-person outfit in the WeWork New York offices has been everything I dreamed of—it’s true. I have a flexible schedule, supportive co-workers, and a great deal of freedom for taking risks. But, there are challenges here, too. My new boss is on a learning curve just as steep as mine. And although there’s no bureaucratic red tape to hinder our work, there’s also no field map to provide guidance. It’s terrifying as well as freeing to choose what structures to build and which to knock down… but both are fun to do.

This isn’t to say that every day my chickens come to roost. Sometimes I feel like I’ve run into the same brick wall every day for a week. Sometimes I feel like I can change the world before 10 A.M. Some days I feel like Superwoman; other days I feel like Lois Lane, weak and inept as Superman carries her out of danger.

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