WEEK OF the Digital Office Plant

That’s right. It’s a live cam of the internet’s new shared office plant.

Here in the Talos New York office, our desk plants haven’t fared well. We have adequate sunlight, access to a water cooler, and pots—what more could a plant need?

Between our collective travels, we often work remotely or on-location with international consultants and clients… and our poor plants are left to fend for themselves! 

Redditor tylerjaywood has the same problem. “I'm pretty bad at taking care of plants. Can you help me take care of my plant?” he asks visitors to pleasetakecareofmyplant.com. Using the power of the internet, Reddit users vote yes or no to water the plant, and at the end of each day, a simple remote control system delivers or withholds water from a nearby plastic bottle.

It’s perfect! All the benefits of an office plant with .01% of the responsibility.

I leave the plant live cam up in a screen-split on my monitor. It’s soothing to look at; it makes me smile. It’s true that the digital plant doesn’t purify the office air, but even looking at a plant through a window (or monitor) supposedly improves your overall health.

In other Talos news, we’ve been wrapping up design on our new websites! Look for a new landing page and a refreshed look of our three services—Talos Ventures, Talos Consulting, and Talos International—later this summer. We are excited to start officially working with new entrepreneurs, development firms, and clients over the next months.

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Brandon’s new gadget this week: Cozmo! He’s the Pixar robopet you’ve always wanted, now IRL.