WEEK OF the Grammar Monster

This week, 

We all wrote. A lot.

Kids, stay in school. Even if you drop out to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, guess what? You’ll be doing more writing than you ever did in class, preparing investment documents, quarterly reports, and keeping the corporate blog up and running. Adults still have assignments, due dates, and homework, except our homework isn’t worth 5% of our final grade. It’s worth approximately 100% of our next month’s salary.

This week was a cold reminder that grammar basics will never die, no matter how hard our founder tries to murder them with subjectless sentences or a complete lack of understanding of why commas exist. Sentences succeed and fail with a subject and verb; a misplaced modifier tells a very different story than a rightly placed one. It makes me a bit nostalgic, reviewing these lessons from our elementary school days—it’s almost like grabbing a novelty ice cream stick from a Mr. Softee truck on a hot summer afternoon.

Well, I said almost. There is still a dome of hot air making its way across the country this week, so you might want to actually find that Mr. Softee truck. 

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