WEEK OF the Poképocalypse

This week,

We ticked off the final box of our rebranding strategy—new business cards were the cherry on top of the sundae. My, oh, my, that’s one beautiful logo. Emma headed for the West Coast, while Nicole and Brandon made good headway in the final draft of our investor documentation.

And no one played PokémonGo. In fact, we’re tired of reading about PokémonGo. The PokémonGo-lens has been applied to income inequality, late capitalism, racial profiling, personal data privacy, and a slew of other important conversations rattling in the public conscious as we move toward the U.S. general election in November. Cool it with the PokémonGo, already! When will it end?!?

Actually, it probably won’t.

At least our digital office plant is faring well. He’s even started blogging.

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Currently reading: The Hatred of Poetry, Ben Lerner

Currently watching: Explore.org’s Katmai National Park bear live cam! Watch wild bears catch upstream-bound salmon as the fish jump over the rapids. (Pro tip: watch early in the morning for the best footage.)

Currently listening to: Everyone talk about pokémon they’ve caught.

Brandon’s new gadget this week: Runcible, the open source anti-smartphone.