WEEK OF the New Blog Series

Welcome to our new blog series, “Week of...!”

Every Friday, we’ll give you a peek behind-the-scenes at Talos. We’ll let you know what’s going down in the office, tell you about any hijinks we’re up to, and update you on all the new (and odd!) tech gadgets our team gets their hands on.

This week,

Our entire team is back in the office. Our founder, Brandon, had been left to his own devices in the Talos offices at WeWork—but no longer! Emma, creative lead at Talos, returned from a month at Springboard Danse in Montreal, and Nicole, communications lead, returned midweek from Detroit.

We launched a Twitter ad campaign after spiffing up our profile with new branding. Take a look, and follow @TalosInsight while you’re at it! You can also follow Brandon (@TalosPrez) for some bad puns and Emma (@TalosCreative) for design inspiration to get all the Talos one could want in your feed. 

And our coffee break debate-of-the-week: are we just characters in an advanced computer simulation? Elon Musk thinks so.


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Brandon’s new gadget this week: GhostArk (but he swears it’s not for ghost hunting….)

Image source: http://www.vox.com/technology/2016/6/23/12007694/elon-musk-simulation-cartoon