"Startup Playbook" by Sam Altman

When running a start-up you are short on a lot of things, money, sleep, experience, hours in a day, etc, but there is one thing you will never have to worry about being short on and that is advice. There is just one huge issue with a lot of this advice, the truly valuable pieces are mixed in with a whole bunch of conflicting statements, many of which come from reputable sources.

To not exacerbate this problem, I will make my input on this short and sweet:

You do you. (As long as you aren't being an ass.)

Listen to advice, read everything you can get your hands on, but just remember at the end of the day you are pursuing your idea and the person who knows the best way to do that is you.  The often unspoken truth is just because someone started a successful company doesn't mean they did it in a smart or empirically "good" way. Even the quintessential unicorn of our time, facebook, ran into some ugly and avoidable legal troubles from its early days.

To help get your hands on some valuable advice here is the best resource for first timers, and a great reminder for everyone else. "The Startup Playbook" by Sam Altman aggregates a bunch of useful tips that will help make sure you and your idea are ready to face the big bad world.

Check it below.