You've Got Mail

Dearest humans (and particularly artists), 

Is adequate communication just too much to ask in this age of technology? We wear it on our wrists, keep it in our pockets and check notifications non-stop; and with all the resources available to us it would seem that the ebb and flow of information would come quicker and certainly easier than the days of tapping wires. Here in the Talos office, with a company email, work phone, and two different programs for employee to employee messaging, its an effective system but a large one none the less.

My adjustment to the network of technology to connect us across the hallway did not come naturally to me. Just ask my workaholic, on at all hours, but extremely patient boss. But this isn't about the office, its about the time I spend outside of the office pursuing my career as a professional dancer and the only tool dancers seem to know how to use to communicate, is their body. After the initial learning curve of 'plugging in', I became hyperaware of the lack of communication that artists, and especially dancers demonstrate. The surprising ease of four different channels would seem to suggest that it is nothing to ask of a person to make sure their google doc for rehearsals is up to date. Or simply respond to an email.

I don't mean to be harsh but if I can keep up with social networks, four email accounts and countless online programs, I am baffled at how much disconnect we still experience.   

Behavior I have witnessed in the dance world would be reprehensible in any other field. The ease of hitting the reply button must not be easy enough. As an artist working in a technological company, I am calling for a meeting of the minds. So let's get back in touch with each other, even if only virtually and start to get that reply button #trending. Especially when a human is on the screen at the other end. 

Many thanks,