"How to Let Altruism Be Your Guide" by Matthieu Ricard

Motivation Through Mission

At Talos we talk a lot about our mission and the philosophy we follow. But where does this come from? Why do we feel that we need either?  Beyond any argument about the need for change, it makes work enormously rewarding when your daily wage is made in the service of doing something good not just for yourself but for others.

Everyone in our company finds different motivations to embrace our philosophy but for me it comes from a desire to see the things I play a role in creating have a positive impact on people's lives. It is a simple thing to be concerned for others but it is a choice that has the potential to solve many of the problems we are all facing as my generation comes of age; we after all will inherit a world where the effects of climate change and our parents' lifestyle choices are a daily reality. 

But don't just listen to me, take a bit of advice from "the happiest man in the world" and watch this great TED talk from Mattheui Ricard. He captures perfectly the motivations behind our mission and philosophy as well as highlights why change is so necessary.

Below is my favorite part of his talk if, like me, you are at work and can't watch videos on your computer all afternoon:

If you have more consideration for others, you will have a caring economics, where finance is at the service of society and not society at the service of finance. You will not play at the casino with the resources that people have entrusted you with. If you have more consideration for others, you will make sure that you remedy inequality, that you bring some kind of well-being within society, in education, at the workplace. Otherwise, a nation that is the most powerful and the richest but everyone is miserable, what's the point? And if you have more consideration for others, you are not going to ransack that planet that we have and at the current rate, we don't have three planets to continue that way.