Creating Our Own

One of my many roles within Talos International is designing and overseeing the general aesthetic of the company. As our President and Executive works to realize the outreaching potential, I work to inspire each project and division with simplicity and clarity in design. Even the best ideas and intentions in this day and age require a visual presence that says 'We are here and we are changing practices, tools, technology, and ideology for the betterment of the whole.'

The Talos team places a high value on well rounded and wholesome motivations. That means bringing together the strength of each aspect; idea, design, technology, workforce, and resources in hopes of creating projects that further our mission to run a responsible and helpful business. While many of our upcoming projects are technology based, the work behind them will be a large part art as well. With a strong background in dance and the visual arts, it is my job to bring the importance of art, design, and culture to each of the Talos platforms. 

In a more general sense, both in aesthetic and opinion, I find the late artist Georgia O'Keeffe to be a great inspiration. I believe her work to represent a strong beauty without losing the simplicity and impact of a basic form. 

Georgia O'keeffe,  Wave, Night   1928, Oil on Canvas 

Georgia O'keeffe, Wave, Night  1928, Oil on Canvas 

A single color, line, or shape can evoke the purist and deepest emotions. My work and inspiration as a designer is to constantly provoke feeling from my own creations; conscious or not. Each logo or platform is an opportunity to create beauty, in the traditional sense or not, for myself and for others. There's too much ugly in this world already, and technology or not, I want to make things beautiful.