WEEK OF the Half-Life

This week,

If you’ve been following us on the Internet, you already know what kind of week it’s been. We, at Talos, have decided to stop operations as they run currently, to enter a sort of half-life, in which we will have no employees, no clients, and no tasks yet still an application launching and the resources to support it long after we officially close our doors. After January, we’ll exist, in very different form, here and elsewhere, but not in the capacity you, our beloved blog readers, have grown accustom. 

So, what does this mean for you, our blog readers?

We’ll continue updating the Talos Insight blog 3x per week for the rest of 2016, with the exception of the week before Christmas in which you’ll see just one post. In 2017, we’ll begin updating the blog infrequently; this site isn’t going anywhere (yet, though we’ve been covertly exploring a move to Medium for the past few months.)

It’s been a week of wrapping up consulting work, of planning for a very different kind of 2017, but more so, of being in community with one another. We’re a team of three, and even though we won’t be Talos’s team of three for much longer, we’ll be a team long after Talos and probably long after whatever comes after Talos.

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