WEEK OF Getting Back to Work

This week,

The results of the U.S. election were announced, and the internet (along with everyone in New York City, where we have our offices) flipped out. The outcome was shocking, no matter what box you ticked on your ballot. Almost every poll was wrong, and all Americans were left with a lot to process after one of the most polarizing, wildest presidential elections in recent history.

But, we got back to work.

The outcomes of the election don’t affect the Talos mission, didn’t affect our 2017 planning (which we finished this week), and didn’t affect the launch date of our new social app RDV (which we finalized this week, too). 

There’s a lot to process, and there has been a marked uptick in distraction on social media this week. But at Talos, we’re hitting the spreadsheets and talking web design. Friends: It’s time we get back to work.

Technology will continue to advance. We’re building driverless vehicles. Elon Musk hasn’t called off his Mars mission. Sam Altman has encouraged everyone to get back on track ASAP. Building tech responsibly is just as important today as it was last week. So, let’s get to it. (And get in touch if you live in NYC and want access to the RDV beta.)

Catch up on Talos Insight! This week on the blog, Emma talks about the long road to a finalized color palette for RDV, and Nicole recommends “How to De-Risk Your Startup” for all your risk management needs.

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Currently listening to: Kara Swisher (Re/code) and Lauren Goode’s (The Verge) podcast, Too Embarrassed to Ask

Brandon’s new gadget this week: Google Cardboard VR