"How to De-Risk Your Startup" by Leo Polovets

In startups, there are always inherent risks. After all, how can I know that I have product/market fit? How can I persuade investors and employees that I can build a lasting company when I've never built one before? How can I demonstrate to early adopters that I'm good at building products? Will anyone but my mom even download this app?!

But, in risk lies opportunity.

In this post from Coding VC, Leo Polovets talks about how to "de-risk" your startup. Every startup, he says, is a collection of risk, and the best way to make progress on a company (and to get higher valuations from investors) is to address the biggest risks as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If you're wondering, "How do I actually mitigate different types of risk at a company that's barely just begun?" Or, "I don't even have a company yet, just a wild and terrifying idea that maybe possibly might work!" Keep reading.