First WEEK OF Autumn

This week,

The new season has brought glorious weather to the streets of New York, and the new quarter has brought new goals to Talos. Our first project, RDV, will be in development soon. We’re setting social media goals and filling in our blog’s editorial calendar. We've dipped our toes into Google AdWords and are looking forward at RDV's beachhead launch this winter.

We’re also making our first foray into 3D printing. We’ve had the printer for quite a while; it will be essential in an upcoming project but was discounted while the company was still manufacturing its first batch. We took advantage and shelved the beast in Brandon’s office… until now. A client recently spotted it on an office visit and asked if we could print models of new furniture sketches. 

Challenge accepted.

On the initial run, we made a couple beginner’s errors: using black goo (read: resin) instead of translucent goo and failing to add supports to a model such that a half-printed dollhouse-sized chair plunged into the pool of resin, never to be seen again. 

What we’ve learned above all else, however, is the virtue of patience. An SLA 3D printer warms toner and fills the resin pool at about the speed an autumn leaf turns color. Patience is one of those hard-won, eulogic virtues that probably take 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master. It’s a skill tied with mindfulness and meditation and all other things New York culture scoffs at in favor of achievement, doggedness, and rapidity. But, when you walk through a yellow-orange Central Park trail while your 3D printer continues to place each invisible glob of translucent goo onto your dollhouse-sized furniture models, you’re reminded of the beauty that patience and small incremental change can bring.

So, cheers to our 3D printer. Since we’ve plugged you in, you’ve taught us new things every day.

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Currently reading: Portraits of the young Indian women who leave their villages in search of something bigger and sew the clothes we wear, “Young Rural Women in India Chase Big-City Dreams,” The New York Times

Currently watching: The anticlimactic event of testing our 3D printer for the first time.

Currently sipping on: Warm apple cider (except Brandon, who refuses to go apple picking.)

Nicole’s new gadget this week: Astell&Kern AKT5p headphones. The sound quality really is magnificent, and they completely drown out the mechanical whirring of a 20-hour 3D printing event. Win-win.