WEEK OF "Everything’s Great!"

Three times a week, rain or shine, Brandon heads to the gym at 10 A.M. for a personal training session. His trainer, Aaron, sounds like a cool guy, and this week, Brandon brought back some of his words of wisdom to share with the Talos team:

“Every time there’s something I don’t like doing, I just say, ‘Hey, this is great!’ Then, I just do it.”
— Aaron

To which, Nicole said, “Oh no! What didn't you like about this week?”

Truth is, this week has been pretty great, bar Brandon confronting his snervousness around public speaking in a series of trial-by-fire mock presentations. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Actually great things:

  • Our printed investor booklets arrived! As Nicole puts it, “My favorite thing about these is that we can’t edit them anymore.”
  • We sent our quarterly stakeholder update ahead of schedule!
  • We’ve been all hands on deck for an entire week! With competing rehearsal and travel schedules, it’s rare we have a full house for a 5-day stretch.
  • Black Mirror Season 3 was released—seriously, add it to your Netflix watch list.
  • We had the first “test flight” of our flagship application. RDV is the first product we have made as a company, and seeing it on a phone while knowing there is code behind the pretty screens is beyond exciting. 

Then, a couple things we’re pretending are great:

  • Brandon's overcoming his public speaking anxiety by having Nicole and Emma watch him give the Talos pitch every other day, from now until Series A. Brandon says, “This is great.” Emma says, “Yep, great.”
  • Fall weather in New York. What crisp wind! Is it raining? This is great, don’t you love it?

Catch up on the latest Talos Insight! This week, Emma names the simplest, most expletive useful inventions, and Nicole speculates on why millennials trust technology more than other generations do.

Currently reading: Resettling China’s ‘Ecological Migrants,’NY Times

Currently watching: Black Mirror (but don’t watch it before bed! Trust us.)

Currently listening to: The Axe Files podcast with David Axelrod

Brandon’s new gadget this week: Luma Surround WiFi, reliable WiFi extenders for every room in your house.

(Also, here’s Brandon’s trainer if you want some of the wisdom of Aaron for yourself.)