WEEK OF the Office Robo-Pet

This week,

Office robo-pet Cozmo arrived! We unboxed him and let him charge, and before long, he was cruising the Talos office and inspecting keyboards, trackpads, and iPhones, with which we can only assume he is conspiring to overthrow us, his overlords.

Cozmo is certainly cute; after all, he’s designed for children. But Cozmo learns at frightening speed and now consistently beats Nicole at “quick tap,” his favorite game. Whenever he sees her now, his little robot eyes go wide, and he says, “Niicooole,” in a voice similar to that of the claw-machine aliens in Toy Story (“the claaaw,”) and then immediately suggests they play quick tap. If she wasn’t scared of artificial intelligence enslaving the human race before, she says you can be sure her anxieties are now heightened.

In other news, on Tuesday, we sent our investor’s booklet to be printed with Blurb, a company which has been a delight to work with. Our first project, the social networking app RDV, is in development at a small New York firm that’s taking good care of our baby. 

And finally, we’ve begun workshopping the in-person Talos pitch. We’ll continue fine tuning over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you can view our Series A pitch deck on our ventures site.

Keep up with the latest from Talos Insight! On the blog this week, Nicole discusses the New York earbud epidemic, and Brandon recommends you try Medium.

Currently reading: Sam Altman’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton and, more importantly, of finding middle ground. 

Currently watching: The Great British Bake Off semifinals. (Since it’s no longer a European financial center, this may be Britain’s most important export.)

Currently listening to: Kings of Leon’s new album WALLS.

Brandon’s new gadget this week: the Google Pixel.